Choosing a Data Governance Tool

A data governance tool is certainly software that manages the process of governing how information can be used in an organization. It provides visibility into the lifecycle of your business’s information belongings and ensures compliance with policies and regulations.

Data governance tools help users discover, understand and collaborate about data with others simply by organizing the complete enterprise’s data into a user friendly, searchable record. They also enable organizations to ascertain and put in force rules surrounding the use of hypersensitive data. With respect to the needs of your organization, an information governance application can offer operation including data quality and lineage management, self-service data access, centralized insurance policy management, audit trails plus more.

When choosing an information governance application, it is important to consider how flexible the platform will probably be as you develop your use cases and requirements. The chosen device should be able to put up these alterations without requiring main architectural or system overhauls. It should end up being able to adjust to the unique data governance functions of your institution through the ability to customize regarding to work flow and function metadata management.

OneTrust’s data governance platform discovers applications and data shops to products on hand data places, then utilizes AI and machine learning models to categorize, classify and improve each data set, building a detailed info catalog. It links the catalog to a business glossary to establish agreed-upon common terms and creates info lineage layouts to track changes and discover gaps in data. The Read Full Article remedy also enables data stewards to easily give ownership and accountability for every data entity.

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